Various Acrylic Dnd Dice D4-D20


The dice are heavy, well balanced, and beautiful to look at.

The two-tone quality of the dice resulted in a shimmery, marbled look. Polyhedral acrylic dice have gold and white numbers on each side, Each set rolls well, has no chipping, damage or visible usage, and the numbers are clear, crisp, feel good in the hand and easy to read.

A great addition to any collection and an even better gift.

Included: 7 Pieces D4,D6,D8,D10,D%,D12,D20
Size: 16-20mm 
Material:  Acrylic
Colour: Multiple Colors 
Shipping: Between 1 - 2 weeks (Tracking number provided)


Customer Testimonial:

"So I started a dnd group with some friends who had never played before, as a welcome to the tabletop I gave them all a set of these dice. They absolutely loved them and so do I. The durability and roll are on par with other expensive dice I own and the colors are amazing. I'm very happy with what I got, the only issue I had was when I got them I didn't really want to give them away lol. Its ok tho, I just brought another set.. yeah.. I have a dice problem :/"