About Us

Plain and simple.. dice are cool. They give you a chance to express your love for the game.. and in turn the dice we create are an expression of our love for the game. Our mission is to share with you, beautifully made and masterfully crafted dice that will last you a lifetime.

If you need any help with ordering or have any questions please send us an email at: hello@mastersandmagic.com

Masterfully Made Quality Dice

We take pride in our work. If you don't like your dice for any reason, we will take them back and ship you a replacement free of charge.

Reasonable Prices

We have sales throughout the year that bring the price point down further or if you are in a bit of a tight spot send us an email and we'd be happy to help you out. 

Wide selection

Due to hand made process of creating our dice we have some of the most unique and signature looking dice available. 

No Hassle Customer Service

We are in the business of getting you dice that you love. 

Fast Shipping

We ship all dice within 24 hours of ordering.