Polygon Silver

Polygon Silver D4-D20

Dice so nice you'll want to roll twice. When we saw the first batch of Polygon Silver in person, it just about blew our minds. The combination of this new plating color and the beautiful new silver creates a surface like nothing we've made before.

The weight and feel of these awesome metal creations will impress everyone around you included the DM/GM. 
A great addition to any collection and an even better gift.
Dice have a multi-faced electroplated silver finish with blue digital numerals.

Included: 7 Pieces + Velvet Pouch  D4,D6,D8,D10,D%,D12,D20 
Size: 13-19mm 
Material: High Quality Zinc Alloy
Numerals: Raised Bevel
Color: Electroplated with Ultra Bright Platinum Finish 
Shipping: 1-2 Weeks Worldwide (Tracking Included)